Month: November 2010

How to NOT kill Yourself Snowshoeing

Some advice on what to do when everything goes to hell.

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The (textual) shape of SAR in BC

A word cloud generated from the BC Search and Rescue Incident Summaries shows us how we describe search and rescue in BC

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Snow patterns on the South Coast

The south coast of BC (an area encompassing the Fraser Valley, Sea to Sky and Sunshine Coast) is known for rain in the winter months, and with altitude, snow. A rule of thumb states that every 1000 feet of elevation

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On Avalanche accidents in BC

The survivability for avalanche accidents is low in BC.

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The Shape of SAR in BC

How does search and rescue work in British Colubmai

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The InfoSAR project

The InfoSAR project: to gather statistics and analyse search and rescue data for British Columbia

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