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SARDay 2: Dealing with Death

Over the new years long weekend our team was called out to assist Ridge Meadows SAR for a missing person in Golden Ears Park. Unfortunately the task ended in a fatality. Since I decided to try “vlogging” (Video Blogging) this year, I

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Your worst day

Think of your worst day. Everyone has them. The death of a family member comes very high on the list, as does personal injury. Many SAR incidents are the worst day for the friends and family of people we search for

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Remains of Missing Hiker found near Terrace BC

On Friday, media around the province and the country began reporting that the remains of missing hiker, Warren Sill, had been found near New Hazelton by Terrace SAR. Being an “insider” in the SAR community, some information comes to be

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WorkSafeBC Report into death of SAR Volunteer

Last night I read the 45 page WorkSafeBC report into the death of BC SAR volunteer Sheilah Sweatman, who drowned on June 29th, 2011. I’m not going to write about what I read in the report. I’m not going to

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Death of two Marine SAR Volunteers in BC

Another sad day for Search and Rescue members in BC, and across Canada as word spread that two members of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, Station 12: Halfmoon Bay, died in an accident while training in Skookumchuck Narrows.

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On Blaming the Victim

I know I shouldn’t do this, but I read the comments in a lot of news articles. I know they are full of spiteful, ignorant and uninformed opinions, but I read them anyway. The only useful thing about them is that

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More on that foot

Regarding the foot I talked about in my last post, at SAR training last night it turned out that several team members recalled a search in Sasamat Lake for a missing fisherman… in 1987. We looked into our archives, and

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Foot in Boot

Anyone living on the south coast is probably aware of the slew of feet that have been washing up on the shores around here. Thankfully, a few have been identified and so far no foul play has been suspected. However,

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Non-Avalanche Related Snow Immersion Death

I was reading a local hiking/mountaineering forum recently when I came across this post detailing a very scary incident that happened to a skier at a local resort. And then I learned a new acronym: NARSID. Now I have never

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Death on Snowmobile: part 3 what worked

Every skier loves to slag a sledder. Forums all over the internets are alive with skiers talking about the Boulder Mountain Avalanche and how it wouldn’t happen to skiers, that the sledders are isolated from the sounds of the snow

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