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A response to North Shore Rescue

A few days ago, Tim Jones of North Shore Rescue posted “A Vision for Change for SAR in BC” where he made three simple proposals which I will reproduce below. THE FIRST LEG… Hasty Team Standby Pay for high volume

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SAR Long Line capability “grounded”

NOTE: Updates to this post will be appended to the end. Update 1: 12:24 Monday October 29th Update 2: 20:30 Monday October 29th Update 3: 10:55 Tuesday October 30th Update 4: Saturday November 3rd Update 5: 14:00 Friday November 16th

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GPS Track as log book

I was on a search most of the day Friday in the Pitt Lake area. Searches in this area are a problem because of transportation and communications issues. If someone gets lost or hurt at the north end of the

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Personal Locator Beacons from the Rescuer’s Perspective


A case study of a recent rescue in Southwest BC My SAR Team just completed a rescue of three stranded hikers in the DeBeck Creek area north of Coquitlam, on the west side of Pitt Lake. If this sounds familiar

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HETS Mountain Rescue in Yoho National Park

News tonight of a rescue in Yoho National Park. Parks Canada pioneered the rescue technique SAR people in BC know variously as HETS (Human External Transport System), or “Class ‘D’” operations (referring to the Aviation regulations that govern people being

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On Rescuing Animals

Helping pets is a part of the rescue tradition, as we all know from the story of the firefighters climbing a tree to retrieve a cat. Although this image is a bit of a joke, it illustrates two things: the

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