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The most dangerous pursuit

Premise: the most hazardous backcountry activity in BC is to do so while being a tourist or an exchange student. We do a lot of rescues in BC, about 1300 a year now. There are a lot of ways to get killed

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Knowing how to use it

Ironically, the very first “live” long line rescue I did was a body recovery. The hiker in question had fallen several hundred feet – 800 or 900. He slid on snow, bounced off trees, and rocks and fell over a cliff. He was strangely

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Terrible thoughts

SAR teams in BC have a pretty incredible success rate, at over 95% of incidents resulting in the subject being found alive, and returned to their families. Of those not found, my experience is that most of them are deceased

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On the end of the year and old and new things

Another year end approaches, and the disease of looking back over what you’ve done tempts me. But first a picture from today’s events, where the old and the new went out in the snow for a day together. This year:

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