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Using YourLo.ca/tion for SAR

A quick tutorial on how to use YourLo.ca/tion to assist a SAR team (or any first responder) to help you locate a missing person. Features Free: Multiple messaging platforms: Email, SMS, online Request and response logging push technology for instant alerting

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Social Media Action Plan for SAR

In my previous post I hinted at the need for a social media action plan for Search and Rescue. I’d like to present that plan here and ask for feedback from the SAR community. The current Subject Profile (ICS 301) and Lost Person

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Locating lost people using Social Media

SAR members will know all about the missing person forms included in ICS (Incident Command System). ICS form 302 is titled “Lost Person Questionnaire” and contains a field for almost every piece of information that could possibly help SAR find a missing

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Terrible thoughts

SAR teams in BC have a pretty incredible success rate, at over 95% of incidents resulting in the subject being found alive, and returned to their families. Of those not found, my experience is that most of them are deceased

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YourLo.ca/tion used in recent rescue

The cat is out of the bag. The prototype location service I developed in March, YourLo.ca/tion was used on a recent rescue on Coquitlam, and the media have been reporting on the story. I had originally intended on testing the prototype

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Locating lost people using smart phones

A few weeks back I managed a search for two people lost near Buntzen Lake. After we rescued them, I learned that one of them had a smart phone with a GPS (in this case, an iPhone), but neither subject

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Smart Phones and Battery Life

I’ve written previously about how you shouldn’t use smart phones for backcountry navigation. In that article I made some claims about battery life. My article was reposted (not my me) in a forum, and some of the replies to that

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SMS and Search and Rescue

Well it finally happend, and frankly I’m suprised that it toook this long. A pair of subjects we looked for all of last night and part of today initiated the search by sending an SMS (Text) message. I’m sure this

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