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Most popular posts 2015

The most popular posts on my blog for the year 2015 are, with one exception, posts that I wrote in previous years. I don’t know what that says about my blogging this year – perhaps I am getting worse or

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Avalanche and other hazards

I probably don’t need to tell most readers that Avalanche hazard in the Sea to Sky region is Extreme right now (note this link is to the latest bulletin, so if you’re reading this a few days late you’ll have to

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Popularity of snowshoeing

In my article on snowshoe accidents, I noted that snowshoeing seemed to be growing in popularity, but could not find an industry reference on the numbers involved. Well, I found one that tracks numbers for the American market. The Outdoor

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Concern over current avalanche bulletin

Take a look at the current avalanche bulletin for the North Shore. Note: in these articles I usually link to a specific avalanche bulletin that I am writing comments on. For the most recent bulleting you can always go to

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Snowshoer rescued on Hollyburn Mountain

This previous week has seen warmer than usual weather with a lot of rain and fluctuating freeing temperatures bringing rain to the tops of the local mountains, and saturating the snow. Yesterday and today dawned cold and clear. Overnight sea-level

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On ski widths

I was out ski touring yesterday in a very popular area, one that I pretty much learned to ski in. I was musing about changes in skiing in the last 20 years. When I first visited this area, we would

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Safe places to Snowshoe

I see by my server logs that some people visiting the blog are searching for a safe place to snowshoe. With all the injury, death and general mayhem that I usually blog about I thought I’d give a few suggestions.

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How to NOT kill Yourself Snowshoeing

I remember borrowing a pair of crampons for my first ascent of Mount Baker in 1990, and the advice of the lender. “Make sure these thing fit” he said, “because if they come off and you’re on the ice you’re

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How to Kill Yourself Snowshoeing

In 2009 my SAR team did a rescue on Eagle Ridge which made me realize something that all snowshoers need to know. I’ve noticed a trend in backcountry incidents that deserves mention; it has a clear cause, can be avoided

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Death by Snowshoe

I’m working on an article on the mechanisms by which snowshoers near Vancouver tend to get in trouble (injury and death). The summary is this: snowshoers tend to have slip-and-fall injuries on hard snow during periods of sunny weather either

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