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“Malfunctioning” Satellite messengers

In the past year I’ve heard of two situations where the improper use of a satellite emergency notification device (SEND) such as an DeLorme InReach or SPOT Messenger have caused SAR to be called out to search. In both cases I suspect user

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UAV use cases for SAR

Some musings on use cases for UAVs in Search and Rescue, the result of a few years thinking about the topic.

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How far did I go?

How far did I go? How GPS measurement distorts perception of distance in the backcountry

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Uses for UAVs in SAR

Some proposed uses for UAVs in SAR based on a year of consulting experts, feel free to contribute to this conversation.

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Measuring GPS Precision

Following up on a series of posts on how to measure the error in a GPS, I’ve written a simple too that will let you calculate the precision of any GPS unit.

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Smart Phone and GPS

Clarifications and reiterating smart phone GPS capabilities, PLBs, and how to automate the process of determining someone’s location.

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The SnowBe Beacon

There’s an article over on the UnofficialNetworks blog about a new piece of “avalanche safety gear” made by a company called Snow-Beacon. The article, which I encourage you to read for yourself, describes the “SnowBe” as the “THE MOST DANGEROUS

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Satellite Phones and 911

Satellite Phones may not have 911 capability; users should know what number to call for rescue

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Google moves to Crowdsourcing

Google Map Maker is opened to Canada, and Google becomes a crowdsourced map.

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SAR and Crowdsourced Maps

When you’e using OpenStreetMap, you’re using Crowdsourced data; in my experience, very accurate for urban searches.

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