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Social Media Action Plan for SAR

Presenting the Social Media Action Plan for Search and Rescue with guidance on how to use SM to assist SAR to locate missing persons.

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Locating lost people using Social Media

Assisting SAR teams to locate missing people using Social Media

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How far did I go?

How far did I go? How GPS measurement distorts perception of distance in the backcountry

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Uses for UAVs in SAR

Some proposed uses for UAVs in SAR based on a year of consulting experts, feel free to contribute to this conversation.

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TrueNorth public beta

TrueNorth is in public beta – using a GIS is like writing a resume with Photoshop, come get your mapping word processor.

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Measuring GPS Precision

Following up on a series of posts on how to measure the error in a GPS, I’ve written a simple too that will let you calculate the precision of any GPS unit.

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SAR in BC for UAV operators

Some resources on how Search and Rescue works in British Columbia for UAV operators.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: the basics

Some basic facts about the operational use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Search and Rescue in Canada, and in BC

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Current Crowdsourced SAR effort on the North Shore

SAR teams on the North Shore are attempting to reproduce a crowdsourced SAR effort pioneered in 2010 on a massive 16 day long search.

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Silver Alert

The silver alert is an example of an alert for a vulnerable missing person in an urban setting that can help find people with dementia who wander.

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