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Helicopter long line rescue course

I spent the weekend (4 days) training in Squamish with the rest of my SAR team on helicopter long line rescue. Readers of the blog probably know that I’ve been doing this type of rescue for a while now (since

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Sledder Situational Awareness again

It seems someone else is paying attention to the sledder situational awareness problem, and has come up with a handy tool to help people develop skills and make better decisions. Posted on the SledLink page, the “STOP” tool advises sledders

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CAA AvSAR Course

As I mentioned via twitter, last month I attended the Avalanche Association’s “Avalanche Search and Rescue (AvSAR) seminar in Whistler, BC. I thought I’d write a bit about the course for any SAR personnel who might be considering sending someone to take it.

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Helicopter Rescue Drill and Recertification

I’ve written about the rescue technique known as HETS several times. Basically it’s a technique that’s perfect for inserting and extracting rescuers and equipment from BC’s forested slopes. Where a helicopter pilot can’t hover or land, they can long line.

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SAR Manager (in name only)

After an intense 4 day course (two of those days were 13 hours long), I’ve managed to pass the SAR Manager’s evaluation and exam. People came from all over BC: from as far north as Stewart, BC where the SAR

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SARDay 111: Rescue scenario @ Buntzen Lake

The very best way to train for SAR is to do SAR; in the absence of actual subjects getting lost, we are more than happy to pretend to be subjects ourselves. Designing a scenario is tricky. A real SAR task

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SARDay 104-106: Organized Avalanche Response

What a week of weather events; huge amounts of snow, wind and a buried icy crust layer. Several natural avalanche observed on Mount Seymour, and skier triggered and natural avalanches all over the place. What better time for an avalanche

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SARDays 73 to 102, the winter lull

I haven’t forgotten about my SARDay project, my ongoing attempt to track all the Search, training, and administrative hours for one team member of one team. It’s just with all the other exciting blog posts over the past four months,

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SAR Day 63 & 64 regular training

After a cluster of tasks like the ones of the last few weeks, nothing is regular about training; the schedule gets kind of messed up. Mountain Rescue training last week was scrapped for gear cleanup and a large task debrief. This

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SAR Day 45 and 46: Mountain Rescue training

If anyone has been following the blog you will see the progression in the SAR curriculum; in the spring the courses involve navigation, then the rope rescue course kicks in. Then we do technical travel skills. At this point in

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