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UAV Exemption myths

Where you can and can’t fly your UAV under the Transport Canada sub-2kg exemption for commercial use.

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Update on UAV use for SAR in British Columbia

The following clarification on the use of UAVs was issued by Emergency Management BC a few weeks ago; it has important implications for SAR teams considering using UAVs. This is a significant development on project I’ve been working on for the past few

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UAV use cases for SAR

Some musings on use cases for UAVs in Search and Rescue, the result of a few years thinking about the topic.

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UAV Operations for Canadian SAR Teams

UAV operations for SAR teams in Canada; bottom line is amateur operators cannot fly for Search and Rescue

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Uses for UAVs in SAR

Some proposed uses for UAVs in SAR based on a year of consulting experts, feel free to contribute to this conversation.

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UAV Regulations

UAV regulations that ban their use are worse than nothing because people are going to fly them anyway. Common sense regulations need to be put in place.

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Avalanche Journal Article on UAVs in SAR

A link to my article in the Canadian Avalanche Association’s publication, The Avalanche Journal

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SAR in BC for UAV operators

Some resources on how Search and Rescue works in British Columbia for UAV operators.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: the basics

Some basic facts about the operational use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Search and Rescue in Canada, and in BC

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Unmanned Systems Canada

I presented at the Unmanned Systems Canada conference in Vancouver on the operational use of UAVs for Search and Rescue.

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