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Everything on this site, unless otherwise noted, is is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License. This is a form of Copyright. I’ve chosen this way of distributing my work because it makes it as freely available as possible while guaranteeing that I am at the very least credited for my efforts, experience and knowledge. I think it strikes a fair balance.

This also means that I retain the right to re-license the content, including for profit, if I so desire. If, for some reason, you’d like to use any of my materials (images, writing, graphics or text) in a commercial way, or if you’re confused about how you can re-use this material, you can contact me and we can talk about it.

Any guest authors or contributors to this side may license their works in any way they like. In cases where they have declined to use the same license as the rest of the site, I will make sure to note their licencing (if any) on their posts.

What this means for you:

  1. You can copy
  2. reference
  3. remix
  4. and reproduce

any of the works on this page as much as you like as long as

  1. It’s not used for commercial purposes.
    This means if you are getting paid in any way for the reproduction, it’s not allowed. This includes ad revenue.
  2. You include a link back to the original work.
    This means a link/URL to the original article.
    Linking to the blog is not enough.
    The link has to be displayed visually and prominently so no-one is under the impression you were the original author.
  3. You distribute the work under the same license.
    This means any remixes have to be distributed with the same license
  4. You are using the work under the principles of Fair Use.
    This means it is quoted and attributed properly, and is for the purposes of parody, or public affairs reporting.

You will note that there are no ads on this site; I do not make any money for any of the posts you’re reading from. My guarantee to you, the reader, is that all opinions on this site are mine, and mine alone and not motivated by any form of ad revenue. If I receive any compensation for an article (free samples, remuneration), I will disclose it.