I am an expert in a lot of things, but I know enough to realize that I am often wrong. This is me telling you to have some common sense, and although I go to great lengths to find references for almost everything I write about, hanging your life on my experience alone is a foolhardy thing. I do hope that the information and opinions on this blog serve to make your life safer, and to avoid the tragic consequences that I so often see in my capacity as a SAR member. If you see something you feel is not correct, please do not hesitate to contact me about it, or to comment in the blog.

Note that I do not have any ads on this web site. I make no money from this blog. I want people to realize that my opinions are motivated purely from my wish to impart my experience to others, and not to attract “eyes” to make ad revenue.

Similarly I do not accept money to write blog posts or review gear. You can rest assured that any opinions I have on goods or services I have either bought myself with my own money, or for the members of my SAR team; purchases of gear in both cases is usually motivated by getting the most value for money.

Finally, I do not collect or save any information about you or your visit here other than the basic tracking information provided to me by Google Analytics. This gives me an idea about how many people are reading the blog, and what my more popular posts are. I only use this information to stoke my ego. You can read more about how I respect your privacy here.