The only constant in life is human fallability, so when we’re away from the social safety net, we need to know we can rely on each other.

From a Search and Rescue perspective none of these reasons for climbing a mountain makes a damn bit of difference.

Musing on managing a recent multi day search for a missing dog walker, and a lost person behaviour profile for Dog Walkers

It’s another self reflective blog post about the year in review!

Accidental trigger of a SPOT device, general discussion of devices limitations, and how to avoid them.

Using Snapchat stories to locate missing 3 missing hikers

Emergency Management BC published the yearly summary statistics for emergency response in BC and like last year I did some analysis. We now have 20 years of statistics on SAR in BC! You may recall that last year there seemed …

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A trope is a kind of conceptual shorthand often used in storytelling – but the harm the larger issue of backcountry safety.

There’s no central list of missing persons SAR groups in BC have been unable to find. I’d like to create one.

First responders may not be able to diagnose a skull fracture in the field.