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Emergency Management BC published the yearly summary statistics for emergency response in BC and like last year I did some analysis. We now have 20 years of statistics on SAR in BC! You may recall that last year there seemed …

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SAR Tasks in BC 1998-2015

Last week I published a post showing how the 2015-2016 year was unusually busy one for SAR groups in British Columbia. That one dealt with the number of people rescued, and at the end of it I uncovered one of the reasons for …

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SAR Tasks 1992 to 2016

SAR Teams in BC saw more than a 25% increase in people rescued in 2015/16

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SAR Incidents by Week (2003 to 2010)

What is the largest search in BC Search and Rescue History? Almost impossible to answer to anyone’s satisfaction.

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Looking up

By analysing a database of SAR incident on BC over the past decade we can show the grown of the Long Line Rescue technique over time.

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Comparison of the cost-per-incident of the top 16 ground SAR teams in BC by call volume

A comparison of the “cost per incident” of the top 16 Ground SAR teams in British Columbia by call volume as a measure of funding disparity.

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British Columbia SAR Team Call Volume, 2003 - 2012

Who is the busiest SAR team in BC? Using numbers from EMBC I analysed the call volumes of SAR groups in BC and came up with some interesting results.

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Looking back through data from the last 11 years I figure Canada Day long weekend 2013 was the busiest we have had in BC.

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A recently released series of reports on the effectiveness of Avalanche Air Bags in Canada gives us the first evidence that they are effective.

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BC’s life expectancy is the highest in Canada and for men the highest in the world. Could this be because we spend so much time outdoors?

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