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Using Snapchat stories to locate missing 3 missing hikers

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Backcountry safety is the process that consists of many parts; all of them are important, and leaving one out can mean the difference between life and death.

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Share designed by <a href="http://www.thenounproject.com/Mikhail1986">Michael Rowe</a> from the <a href="http://www.thenounproject.com">Noun Project</a>

Guidelines for the use of Social Media for Large Scale Search and Rescue Incidents.

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Social media tracking

Presenting the Social Media Action Plan for Search and Rescue with guidance on how to use SM to assist SAR to locate missing persons.

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Assisting SAR teams to locate missing people using Social Media

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My presentation from SARScene 2013 on Social Media and SAR Operations #SMSAR

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I’d like to introduce a new hastag to further the discussion of Social Media in Search and Rescue: #SMSAR

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Live tweeting Boston police scanners interfered with the investigation. Compared with an incident last summer. Scanning SAR frequencies has similar effect.

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Why searching for a Dog is in the interest of public safety

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People are still under the impression a Smart Phone can replace a GPS in the wilderness, and they’re still wrong.

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