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The most popular posts on my blog for the year 2015 are, with one exception, posts that I wrote in previous years. I don’t know what that says about my blogging this year – perhaps I am getting worse or …

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YourLo.ca/tion successes; an appeal for feedback on how YourLo.ca/tion is working, and general feedback

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Social media tracking

Presenting the Social Media Action Plan for Search and Rescue with guidance on how to use SM to assist SAR to locate missing persons.

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Assisting SAR teams to locate missing people using Social Media

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How far did I go? How GPS measurement distorts perception of distance in the backcountry

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Mount Mamquam area

TrueNorth is in public beta – using a GIS is like writing a resume with Photoshop, come get your mapping word processor.

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Following up on a series of posts on how to measure the error in a GPS, I’ve written a simple too that will let you calculate the precision of any GPS unit.

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Clarifications and reiterating smart phone GPS capabilities, PLBs, and how to automate the process of determining someone’s location.

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The new map created by the District of North Van for the Knee Knacker race has some serious flaws that limit its usefulness for navigation.

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The prototype YourLo.ca/tion service was used in a recent rescue; updates on the service and an appeal for donations to keep it running.

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