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A few months back I had to deal with a “webmaster” on a national site that deals with public safety information. They had some very critical public safety information at a link and literally hundreds of web sites linked to …

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An under-funded SAR system might be difficult to detect, how do we tell when we don’t have enough resources to do things right?

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You get more attention reacting to an emergency than by quietly avoiding it, a rant on appearing to be good versus being good.

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The family of a Canadian man missing in Australia posted $100,000 reward for his recovery alive or dead. Amateurs from all over converge on site.

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People are still under the impression a Smart Phone can replace a GPS in the wilderness, and they’re still wrong.

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Why posting to Social Media when you are lost is a very very stupid thing to do

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Climate change means less stable weather, and more disasters. We have to be more efficient at managing emergencies.

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I’m a member of the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC), Vancouver Section, so I get their monthly “Alpine-E-r” newsletter. For the past several months I’ve noticed the following message in the newsletter: NEW BEACON POLICY The ACC has a new …

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I’d like to direct people to Will Gadd’s article on the SPOT Connect. I’ve previously written how smartphones should not be used as a primary navigation device for backcountry travelers. Will points out that the SPOT connect, when paired with …

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Our 50m rap onto the glacier

I found an interesting site the other day: Leave No Trace (there is a Canadian offshoot as well). It’s a site that promotes outdoor ethics and offers guidance on the best practises to preserve wilderness values, and reduce the impact …

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