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Last week I was in Ashcroft testing what will become the future of public safety communications networking; initial impressions of this emerging tech.

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People don’t know how to make their smart phone show their location, so I created a service that lets SAR track a person’s location via their smart phone.

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Living in the Southwest of British Columbia, we are often mocked for our mild weather, and our inability to drive in snow. Reading an old friend’s blog over the past few days, however, has stressed just how different the north …

State of Emergency in Norman Wells Read More »

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The SpareOne: a simple, voice-only 2G phone powered by 1 “AA” battery, but DOES NOT WORK on the Telus (3G) network. Otherwise perfect for emergencies

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The US National Weather service issued this poignant and well worded warning today, including the following words; IF YOU ARE RELUCTANT [to evacuate], THINK ABOUT YOUR LOVED ONES, THINK ABOUT THE EMERGENCY RESPONDERS WHO WILL BE UNABLE TO REACH YOU WHEN YOU …

US National Weather Service issues poignant warning Read More »

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Climate change means less stable weather, and more disasters. We have to be more efficient at managing emergencies.

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Satellite Phones may not have 911 capability; users should know what number to call for rescue

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I’m used to the pager going off in the middle of the night, but believe it or not I have had “emergencies” in my other line of work (software engineering) as well. One such happened last Wednesday. In my day …

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