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The SpareOne: a simple, voice-only 2G phone powered by 1 “AA” battery, but DOES NOT WORK on the Telus (3G) network. Otherwise perfect for emergencies

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This year I gave a presentation titled “Best Practices in Managing Geospatial Data for SAR Teams”

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How to calculate the accuracy of your own GPS

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Smart phones are problematic for backcountry navigation; they are fagile, have terrible battery life, and are less accurate than a wilderness GPS unit.

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It’s not often that one single piece of information can save your life. Most of the time, especially in the backcountry, it takes years of training and experience to evaluate conditions, your ability and the technique necessary to take on …

Snowmobiles and Avalanches Read More »

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Corner and edge cases for how people get lost, based on personal experience.

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Now that everyone with an internet connection has access to Google Earth and Google Maps, we all have access to some fairly high quality air photo imagery. This might seem to be a good thing, but there are problems with …

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GPS Navigation training

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I’m a Telemark skier. I started in university because the gear was cheap, and I was poor. Also, being poor, I did not have enough money for a ski pass, so I learned to ski in the backcountry. For me it …

How to get up in deep powder Read More »

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Let’s say that someone has provided you with some highly detailed maps, these maps are in PDF format. Our mapping application needs them to be images. There are about 150 of these files. How do I convert PDFs to images? …

How to Convert PDF files to images Read More »

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