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Articles that I spent more than average time and research on, notable for thoroughness.

Mount Rainier,Disappointment Cleaver

My friend Peter Marshall is climbing Mount Rainier to raise funds and awareness for Autoimmune Disease. He could use your help: Autoimmune Expedition

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The biggest energy drain in a smart phone other than the cellular radio is the screen. Advice on how to best use this information, and preserve battery life

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A case study of a rescue with a Personal Locator Beacon in SouthWestern BC detailing rescuer’s difficulties accessing the location.

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Well hello there.

A description of a search, and of finding someone from a helicopter. Some tips on how to be spotted.

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Smart phones are problematic for backcountry navigation; they are fagile, have terrible battery life, and are less accurate than a wilderness GPS unit.

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SAR Incidents by Week and Type (2003 to 2010)

I analysed some numbers on SAR Incidents in British Columbia and made a few graphs showing how the frequency of incidents changes with the season.

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The distribution of SAR tasks in British Columbia

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Flying over Whistler Village in 2008

Comparing SAR incident volumes in BC to those in other provinces. BC has more than the rest of Canada combined

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A review of snowshoe accidents in BC reveals that snowshoers are more likely to die in a slip and fall than in an avalanche.

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Corner and edge cases for how people get lost, based on personal experience.

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