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Harvey’s Cloud, a weather phenomenon I encountered at Whistler during the 2010 Olympics

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The Victoria Times Colonist asks if there’s leeway for first responders to be heroes, indicating they do not understand Emergency Response

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In an article in this month’s Maclean’s magazine rescuers at Elliot Lake tell their story; it seems that the media and the public were wrong

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News tonight of a rescue in Yoho National Park. Parks Canada pioneered the rescue technique SAR people in BC know variously as HETS (Human External Transport System), or “Class ‘D’” operations (referring to the Aviation regulations that govern people being …

HETS Mountain Rescue in Yoho National Park Read More »

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Sheilah Sweatman, Nelson SAR member, deceased at 29

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I don’t usually “reblog” things, but this is something interesting and related to the posts I’ve written about NARSID, or Treewell incidents. A man on Mount Shasta Ski Park in California had a helmet camera running when he fell into …

Treewell camera footage Read More »

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Every week the Canadian Avalanche Centre produces multiple avalanche bulletins for many different regions of British Columbia. In those bulletins, they rate the avalanche danger, defined as the likelihood, size and distribution of avalanches. This weekend there were several avalanche …

Avalanche Accidents and Hazard rating Read More »

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Please see updates at the end of this article. A week from my last post on his pattern of accidents, and there’s another accident, this time fatal. Details are sketchy, but the media are reporting that the individual was snowshoeing …

Backcountry Skier dies on Mount Seymour Read More »

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This previous week has seen warmer than usual weather with a lot of rain and fluctuating freeing temperatures bringing rain to the tops of the local mountains, and saturating the snow. Yesterday and today dawned cold and clear. Overnight sea-level …

Snowshoer rescued on Hollyburn Mountain Read More »

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A review of the review of SAR related incidents.

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