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We used some high tech yesterday to locate the subjects of a search, but the real credit goes to calling for help early!

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Well hello there.
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Some information and clarification on the “grounding” of long line operations in BC and Canada

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I spent the weekend (4 days) training in Squamish with the rest of my SAR team on helicopter long line rescue.

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I’ve written about the rescue technique known as HETS several times. Basically it’s a technique that’s perfect for inserting and extracting rescuers and equipment from BC’s forested slopes. Where a helicopter pilot can’t hover or land, they can long line. …

Helicopter Rescue Drill and Recertification Read More »

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On July 17th 1999 I participated in my first SAR Search. I’d volunteered for the team in the fall of the previous year, and had been formally accepted as a member-in-training in January, 1999. The cohort of 10 new members …

My First Search Read More »

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As noted in past posts, we do a lot of helicopter work. Sunday covered some advanced helicopter techniques, such as this: a hovering helicopter, and SAR member in the back seat, doors off. Team on the ground passes the stretcher …

SAR Day 41: Helicopter training Read More »

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I was unable to make this rescue. From what I gather, the team was called to rescue an injured subject on the Diez Vistas trail, around Vista 6. Members hover-exited at Vista 3 and hike to the site. The subject …

SAR Day 40: Rescue on Diez Vistas Read More »

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What follows is a  first person account of a recent rescue on Eagle Ridge. At approximately 16:30 I get paged: “All members call task line for injured hiker at Buntzen Lake“. I dial in and hear the SAR manager describing …

SAR Day 39: Rescue on Eagle Ridge Read More »

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Rescuing an Olympic Skier in 2010

Recounting my part in rescuing an Olympic Athlete during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

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