Social Media and SAR Operations

Several people have asked for my small part of the SARScene Social Media Presentation.

The Social media policy discussed in the presentation is on the Coquitlam SAR web site.

Two points;

On this topic I was indeed speaking as a representative of Coquitlam SAR and discussing my work on this topic pertaining to the team with a SAR audience. On this I had the support of the team to do so, and to release the draft of said policy.

Second I would like to clarify that the social media “failures” documented in the presentation were not Coquitlam SAR members — the development of the social media policy resulted in all members of the team having complete understanding of the consequences of using social media to release information from an active search, and we have had no issues either before or during the development of the policy.

Social Media and SAR Operations

Download (PDF, 297KB)



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