Last week I published a post showing how the 2015-2016 year was unusually busy one for SAR groups in British Columbia. That one dealt with the number of people rescued, and at the end of it I uncovered one of the reasons for …

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SAR Teams in BC saw more than a 25% increase in people rescued in 2015/16

There’s no appreciable difference between and out of bounds skier and most other rescues SAR does.

What do you do when a famous person goes missing in your search area?

Media reporting of SAR shapes how the public and policy makers understand us – to our detriment.

If you are developing a project to assist SAR – tap into our expertise, but do so by respecting that our time is valuable and worth paying for.

Distrated driving legislation in BC includes hand held radios – what you need to know

Where you can and can’t fly your UAV under the Transport Canada sub-2kg exemption for commercial use.

Take a look at these soldiers They are members of the Spanish Legion, and while you or I may think they look a little funny they are proud of their uniforms. Uniforms you ask? Yes, those are their dress uniforms. …

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My SAR team is doing a recruiting cycle and this always leads to questions about what kind of person we need to join a SAR team. My answer is always “someone who does not want to be a hero”. You’d …

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