Distributed File Sharing for SAR

Many people have asked me over the years how to share files amongst several people who may need to edit the same document. There are many clunky file sharing solutions out there (including the one I developed for my SAR team), but I’ve finally found one that looks to be the best in breed:

  • a small client application runs on your computer, it monitors a folder
  • anything you put in that folder gets synced with the server.
  • any other computers running the client download the synced files.
  • there’s a version control system so you can keep track of changes
  • there’s a web interface
  • you can share files publicly on the web
  • 2 gigs free (should be more than enough for rapidly changing files)

A SAR Team could easily create one of these for documents that rapidly change, or need to be edited by many people at once. It’s ideal for teams that are spatially distributed and may not have a central office, or server computer available to them. It’s way better than sending email, and it allows any document type which makes it much better than Google Docs.

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