Death on snowmobile

Death on snowmobile

Today over 200 people were on scene at an “unorganized event” known as the “Big Iron Shootout” near Revelstoke, there was an avalanche and several people were killed, many were injured and there are possibly some missing.

In the past few years there have been a few snowmobile/avalanche deaths that were entirely preventable, and this is one of them.

When snowmobiles highmark, people like to watch. If the watchers are in the runout zone of any avalanche on the slope that the snowmobile is highmarking on, they are looking into the barrel of a gun. It is not surprising to anyone with a basic avalanche course when this gun goes off.

Wake up! It is not unexpected for snow to avalanche and simple preparations can save lives. Just a tiny bit of knowledge, and it’s application to an obviously dangerous situation is all it takes.

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