SAR Day 65: 3 ongoing searches

Mid week, two things happened;

  1. two people were reported missing in the D’Arcy area. Pemberton SAR Started a search, and requested additional resources. The team arranged to send two members on Saturday.
  2. The Tyler Wright search was re-activated.
    It was decided to send trackers to check out hiking pole marks reported by a searcher, and to complete a search or a particularly difficult area of the DeBeck Creek where it passes the Spindle Creek canyon.

Because the search was in our area (in fact the entire Tyler Wright search lies in the team’s response area), the tasks was given to Coquitlam SAR; command was set up at Grant Narrows and teams were dispatched from there via helicopter.

Trackers quickly determined that the tracks were in fact those of wildlife, and those teams spent the rest of the day looking for tracks or evidence in the area where they were dropped off in order to rule out all possibility of the subject passing through, and to do their due diligence in completing the task.

Several other teams were inserted into the area of DeBeck creek between the Spindle Creek and Disk Creek canyons.  A member of the public who has hike the route many times indicated that this was a particularly difficult area to navigate, and mistakenly entering either of these canyons or falling in a creek would be fatal.

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Teams spent most of the day scouring the area, and were extracted via helicopter long line (HETS) near the end of the day; using HETS to extract the team members allowed them to continue searching for the longest amount of time without needing to return to an established helicopter LZ or hover exit spot. Nothing was found by any of these teams.

Later in the evening the team was called out for another missing person in the Buntzen Lake area. This search ended quickly with the subject being found and walked out of the area.

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