Guest Post tomorrow

A few weeks ago, the tragic story of a search on Vancouver Island was reported in the news. From the information reported in the media, the search seemed to be fairly unique in terms of the distances involved and the communications issues that must have been overcome. A few days later I tweeted a report I had read about how amateur radio had been used to coordinate the search. This piqued my interest even more; 3 days of searching, 300km of roads, lack of cell service… sounds like a logistical nightmare!

I asked an acquaintance of mine who was involved in the search to write up what happened from his point of view, and he agreed to do so.

Tomorrow I’ll post the report, written by Merrick Grieder of Comox Valley SAR. As with all search reports I write, we’ve edited this one so that only information about the subject that was already released to the press by the RCMP is included. The report is from one person’s point of vide, someone involved in the search. Other SAR members may have different views, and they are encouraged to comment if they feel like contributing.

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