Garibaldi Park Management Plan Amendment

The government is going to modify the Garibaldi Park Management plan again. The plan is what sets the direction fo what’s allowed and not allowed in the park, and this change is specific to the area around Whistler/Blackcomb.

The public’s input is being requested, and there’s a detailed online survey you can fill in with your opinions and comments.

For instance, there are several proposals in effect.

One proposal is to build a series of huts on the Spearhead Traverse. The proposal is that the huts would be managed by a combination of mountaineering clubs, societies, and BC Parks. The huts would also make it very attractive for commercial guide operations to use the area. Your feedback on this issue would

Another proposal involves heli-skiing and motorized access. There had been pressure on BC Parks and the government for years to expand activities like heli-skiing, and to allow snowmobile and 4×4 access to areas of the park.

The text from the web site is included below.

The Ministry of Environment is in the process of undertaking an amendment to the Garibaldi Management Plan to review the management direction around public access in the area of the Spearhead Range and Fitzsimmons Range in Garibaldi Park, referred to in the survey as the “study area”.

An important part of this process is obtaining the public’s input regarding the park values and the types of recreational use in this area. PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES AND SHARE YOUR COMMENTS.

The information you provide will help the planning team better understand public perceptions on the values and use of this area

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