A forum experiment

A forum experiment

I installed a forum here on the blog as an experiment.

You can access it via the menu at the top of the page, or at the following URL: forum.oplopanax.ca

My idea is to foster more discussion from SAR members throughout BC. At the moment, all discussion happens when I post an article, and people read and then comment on it. Other people email me and ask questions or make private comments. I find this kind of information sharing very valuable, and the forum is a way for someone to create their own topic for discussion, or to ask a question of the community in general.

The traffic to this web site is not huge, but it’s made up of people interested in the topics I’m writing about. If you have a question, comment or idea that needs to have a wider audience then give the forum a try. It could be a big flop, but at the moment it’s not costing me anything to install it (other than some time).

The forum software is called “Vanilla“, and you do have to register to post something. I’ve tried to make is as easy as possible to register by activating Facebook, Twitter, Google and OpenID authentication so that you don’t need to create an account if you already have one on one of those other systems.


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