Remains of Missing Hiker found near Terrace BC

On Friday, media around the province and the country began reporting that the remains of missing hiker, Warren Sill, had been found near New Hazelton by Terrace SAR.

Being an “insider” in the SAR community, some information comes to be that I can’t and don’t repeat, mostly because this is not my story to tell, but I did want to say this:

Terrace SAR has to be commended for their efforts in finding Mr Sill’s remains and giving his family closure.

The initial search in July of this year included teams from all over BC and lasted about 7 days, and was probably the largest operation this year in terms of effort and number of SAR members. Nothing conclusive was found, but Terrace SAR did not give up, and in August, September, October and November they traveled the 75 km from Terrace to the location of the search on 6 separate occasions, narrowing down the search area, recovering clues, and ultimately locating his remains through perseverance and excellent SAR work.

In fact, according to the info I received  the last two trips into the area were just before the creek they were searching froze up, which would have prevented any further searching until next year after the spring freshet. At that point it would have been even less likely to find anything.

I don’t want to diminish what a tragedy this is for the family of Mr Sill, but Terrace SAR has given them closure, which may, in time, help lessen the pain.

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