Mount Seymour wx

I was up Mount Seymour on Monday (Feb 02) evening. Near the end of the snowfall, it rained all the way to the top of the mountain, and quite a significant amount. When I was skiing up i observed a 1/4″ thick ice crust on all surfaces (snow, trees, wands), and it got thicker as I ascended. It was so thick near Brockton Point that Tucker (60 pound Golden Retriever) could not break the crust and was skating on the surface: comical but scary for him. 

The surface was hard to break, but tended to shatter with long cracks shooting in all directions. The snow underneath was well preserved.

So, in avalanche speak:
    location: Brocton Point
    foot penetration: 30cm
    1cm knife
    20cm 4 finger
    10cm 1 finger
    older surfaces below

It was very warm yesterday and today, but both evenings had cold, clear nights to harden the surface. Any SAR calls to this area are going to require crampons, and any new snow is going to be quite unstable.

I assume similar conditions exist on Eagle and Burke.

NOTE: the CAA avalanche bulletin on Monday missed these conditions because the report was compiled at 14:00, I was on Seymour at 22:00

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