SAR Day 68, 69, 70, 71

SAR Day 68: Regular training – after a long series of tasks there is usually a large amount of gear cleanup and replacement to be done. The team maintains stocks of consumables that are used to replace those carried on the vehicles and kits. Kits are torn down, and put back together, checking contents against laminated tags on the outside of the kits. This is an important step because it sucks to have a kit show up in the field and not have some piece of gear where it is supposed to be.

SAR Day 69: Executive meeting.

SAR Day 70:  “Stand down” Search at Buntzen Lake. The team was called for a missing hiker in the Buntzen Lake area. The hiker was located while the team was setting up the search.

SAR Day 71: Injured Hiker at Buntzen Lake: The team was called to help extract an injured hiker at Buntzen Lake. Sasamat Volunteer Fire managed to access the patient and determined that they could handle the situation, and the team was stood down. 

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