BCA Tracker 2 firmware problem

Some versions of the Backcountry Access Tracker 2 have a firmware bug that causes them to go into a programming mode in certain circumstances.

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Being a software engineer, I understand all to well problems with writing software and getting it tested. I am concerned however that there is no way to do a field update on this firmware as there is with many other consumer devices.

Advice to beacon makers; plan for the existence of bugs, and the need to update the firmware on fleets of avalanche beacons.

How to test weather your tracker needs the upgrade:

To determine if you already have version 4 software, disconnect and reconnect one battery while the unit is off. After displaying “t2,” the unit will then display the software version. If the display reads “r04,” then you have the most recent software. 

3 Comments on “BCA Tracker 2 firmware problem

  1. I wonder if MEC is aware of this issue. Last few times I've rented a beacon from them at the Vancouver store it's been a BCA Tracker 2.

  2. That's good question. There's a staff member who should be in charge of that, but they have the same problem as a SAR team or (as the BCA blog mentions) a guiding company; they would have to return all of their units to be upgraded.

  3. Got this reply back from MEC staff over twitter:

    @kisielk Our operations team is taking care of upgrading all rental Tracker2 beacons. Maybe double-check if renting in the next couple days.

    Looks like they're on top of things.

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