SARDays 107-110

SARDays 107-110

Since I started the SARDay project last year I’ve logged quite a few days! We’re coming close to the close of this year-long project. Now’s the time to pipe up if you think this is incredibly boring, or if it’s a nice insight into what at east some SAR members are doing. Comment at the end of this post.

These are just slightly out of order, but to maintain the numbering system I’ll just go ahead and leave the previous numbers as they are.

SARDay 107: Avalanche Drill, Mount Seymour: The team spent several hours honing beacon skills, and digging in several multi-burial scenarios. Why multiple beacons? Well, one beacon is way too easy.

SARDay 108: Winter Mountain Rescue: a classroom session offering training on the latest winter climbing techniques

SARDay 109: Navigation: What started as a simple navigation drill turned into a festival of technology as the trainer for the evening decided to incorporate GPS, map and compass, Avalanche Beacons and radio communications skills in one event. Teams were sent into a local park to complete a course which included all of the above skills, and also involved relaying coordinates via radio. The team got quite a mental work out in the winter night.

SARDay 110: Exec Meeting and Stretcher Carry drill: The executive hammered out budgeting and other things while the rest of the team worked on the ancient art of carrying a person in a stretcher.

As always, for the interested I’ve been maintaining a spreadsheet with all of the SARDays and the associated hours spent training.

Note that I’ve been quite lax at recording the doings of the Community Education committee which does appearances at schools, Cubs, Scouts, Guides, Brownies, and Hiking groups to educate the public on outdoor survival..

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  1. I've enjoyed your SARDay posts, even as someone unlikely to become a SAR volunteer. The stories are interesting, and I don't hear this stuff being documented elsewhere.

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