New BCSARA Web Site

New BCSARA Web Site

BCSARA Logo 128The BC Search and Rescue Association, the organization that represents all ground Search and Rescue volunteers in British Columbia, has a new web site.

As a member of a BC SAR group, I’m also a member of BCSARA, and if you’re a member of a SAR group then so are you. If you are interested in what BCSARA is and what they do, head on over to the web site and read about it!

The web site presents the Association’s mission and mandate, their public safety program (which is also delivered through the AdventureSmart web site), and information on how Search and Rescue works Nationally and Provincially. It has a listing for every SAR team in BC, and a really nice map (you may have seen a prototype of that on this site).

In addition, the site has a member’s area where every SAR volunteer in BC can register for an account. The member’s site has a forum, file sharing capabilities, and other resources to allow SAR members and groups to learn from each other on various SAR related topics.

The information on the new BCSARA web site is so good that I am going to retire my listing of Search and Rescue teams in favour of theirs as it will be maintained and up to date, and there is no need for two listings. I encourage all ground SAR volunteers to register for an account.

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