Canadian GSAR Core Competency Standard

Canadian GSAR Core Competency Standard

main_logo_en_smallThe draft document for the GSAR Core Competency Standard, a joint effort by the Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada (SARVAC) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has been posted for review.

sarvacIf you’ve ever wondered what SARVAC does, this is a good example (another example: the Search and Rescue Volunteer Tax Credit). In my opinion, SARVAC does a terrible job promoting themselves and the incredible work they do for the SAR community.

On the proposed document, all SAR members can appreciate the value of a common set of core competencies that apply to all SAR volunteers, leaders and managers. I strongly encourage SAR members to take the time and review the document, which is open to public comments until October 27th, 2014

See the attached document for more information, and review the draft standard here:

Download (PDF, 174KB)


2 Comments on “Canadian GSAR Core Competency Standard

  1. I’ve tried for several years to convince SARVAC of the benefits of Social Media but continue to hit a brick wall (reinforced with lead and several layers of concrete). Even have a twitter account set up for them ready to go public…..maybe one day

  2. Colin for SARVAC President….!!! BC should take a turn at the helm, I’ve herd we do our fair share of searching and rescuing in Canada so why not take a national lead by representing all teams through a BC SARVAC president….!
    It would seem the balance of power in SAR remains well cemented in the east however the bulk of volunteer hours is out west….just saying.

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