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Using for SAR Tracking Page

A quick tutorial on how to use to assist a SAR team (or any first responder) to help you locate a missing person.



  • Multiple messaging platforms: Email, SMS, online
  • Request and response logging
  • push technology for instant alerting
  • Location tracking via KML (Google Earth), GPX (GIS import) and others
  • Social Media tracking
Social media tracking
Social media tracking

Paid: is happy to offer our new E911-like service. These features offer dispatch centres, SAR teams and other first responders the ability to receive and respond to requests for assistance via SMS.

  • send and receive SMS messages online from desktop
  • central, agency-owned number as primary contact and communication channel
  • logging of all SMS interactions


  • Request: a request for a location.
  • Subject: the missing or lost person you wish to locate.
  • Requester: the person or agency making the request.

Primary SAR Process:

  1. Requester: Go to and hit Request
  2. Request form Request form

    Requester: fill in the form:

    • Agency/User Name: this is the name the Subject will see
    • Your Email Address: a log of the request and the responses from the Subject will be emailed to you.
      Make sure this is correct!
    • Unique ID for  request: this is for Requesters that track tasks by an identifier. Optional.
    • Recipient phone #: This is the Subject’s phone number.
    • Message to recipient: This is the message that will be sent to the Subject.
  3. Requester: hit the Submit button
    • Preview of message to be sent to the Subject, and methods for delivery are shown.
    • Requester receives an email with a tracking URL.
  4. Requester: send message to Subject
    • Android: should be able activate SMS message capability on your phone
    • iPhone: some phones you can click the link, most phones will need to copy and paste the me
    • Desktop/iPad/Tablet: use the Email option, or check the paid service option below.
  5. Requester: click on tracking link
  6. Subject: receives SMS message & clicks on link
  7. Subject: loads tracking page
  8. Requester:
    • sees Subject’s location on tracking page
    • hears audible alert on tracking page (desktop only)
    • receives email with Subject’s location Tracking Page Tracking Page

Possible issues:

  • Subject out of range, cannot receive SMS
  • Subject has no data connection, cannot load tracking link
  • Subject’s phone has security settings that prevent use of GPS
  • Requester does not enter email address properly.

Dispatch Workflow

The workflow for dispatchers is similar to that for SAR users except it requires the paid service. This gives the agency a dedicated number, and they can send and receive SMS messages through the tracking console.

At step 4 above, the workflow becomes

  1. Requester: Send message to Subject via console
  2. Requester: Track Subject
  3. Requester: Interact with subject via console
    • SMS sent & received via web


As always, I want to hear feedback on the service and how it is working for you. To activate the paid service and for pricing, contact me directly.


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