The mobile command centre I'm helping to build.

In 2010 I started a series of posts where I blogged about everything related to SAR that I did in one year. I also added up all of the hours spent on training, tasks and other SAR related things. I called the series “SARDay“.

Mostly I did this for myself, as a way to kick start writing and generate something to talk about. It was in fact the genesis of this blog, which at the start didn’t have much of a direction.

This year I’m going to re-start the series of posts. It’s going to be different, because my involvement in SAR is quite different now. In 2010 I was doing a lot of training and task related responses. Today I am much more involved in policy, projects, and management. It’s probably going to be really boring.

I’m also going to take a plunge and do some video blogging. It’s probably going to be terrible, but nothing is worth doing unless it scares you (code for broadening your horizons).

Today’s SAR related activity is reviewing some of the design documents for our new command centre – I’ll just leave it at that for now as my next few posts will be talking almost exclusively about this topic as I move forward on the design and build of the largest project my SAR team’s every undertaken.

Happy new year everyone.

The mobile command centre I'm helping to build.
The mobile command centre I’m helping to build.

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