Month: November 2009

My Olympic Sport (Part 1)

I first volunteered for Search and Rescue in 1999. A friend of mine in university suggested it to me. It came up after a discussion about a high school friend of mine who had died on a mountain near Hope;

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That’s just how I slide

Looks like the 80’s, but it’s the 90’s; telemark skiing. Don’t emulate this photo for your own tele technique; I’m completely self taught and have a style that could be called unique if you’re feeling generous. For the geeks among

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How to get up in deep powder

I’m a Telemark skier. I started in university because the gear was cheap, and I was poor. Also, being poor, I did not have enough money for a ski pass, so I learned to ski in the backcountry. For me it

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On several occasions the following has happend:

I’ve secretly hoped I would be called on a search. I was called on a search. I did not feel guilty. I’m not saying I wish someone some misfortune, but given that accidents happen, there is a huge amount of

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