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Uniforms in SAR

Take a look at these soldiers They are members of the Spanish Legion, and while you or I may think they look a little funny they are proud of their uniforms. Uniforms you ask? Yes, those are their dress uniforms.

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SAR Long Line capability “grounded”

NOTE: Updates to this post will be appended to the end. Update 1: 12:24 Monday October 29th Update 2: 20:30 Monday October 29th Update 3: 10:55 Tuesday October 30th Update 4: Saturday November 3rd Update 5: 14:00 Friday November 16th

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Hypothermia Kit Conundrum

Our SAR team maintains several hypothermia treatment kits, and without going into too much detail they contain equipment for treating and transporting hypothermic patients. There various sorts of shelter, specialized waterproof subject bags, tarps, heating equipment, stoves etc. One of

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