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TrueNorth public beta

Over the years I’ve run this site I’ve done a lot of thinking about Search and Rescue and technology. I’ve written and presented on maps, coordinates, and GPS, among other things. I’ve brought these ideas to four incarnations of Canada’s national SAR conference, and talked

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A New Venture

For the past few years I’ve been working on some software in my spare time, and it’s just about ready for testing by people other than myself. The software is a mapping package, codenamed “Bergschrund”. It’s designed for backcountry enthusiasts,

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Google moves to Crowdsourcing

Talk about being scooped! The day I post my article on how great OpenStreetMap is for SAR and how Google will never have the detail that OSM has, they open up to crowdsourcing. Now, Google Map Maker is not new,

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