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Sledder Situational Awareness again

The S.T.O.P. tool designed to encourage sledders to develop situational awareness and be safer in avalanche terrain

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Situational Awareness: Sledder vs Skier

In my last post on this subject I wrote about how skiers have an advantage over sledders in that they have more opportunity to observe conditions as they travel through terrain. Today, some observations on the flip side of the

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Situational Awareness: Skier vs Sledder

Situational Awareness is a risk-management keyword that’s being used more and more often and is especially important for avalanches.

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Snowmobiles and Avalanches

It’s not often that one single piece of information can save your life. Most of the time, especially in the backcountry, it takes years of training and experience to evaluate conditions, your ability and the technique necessary to take on

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Death on Snowmobile: part 3 what worked

Every skier loves to slag a sledder. Forums all over the internets are alive with skiers talking about the Boulder Mountain Avalanche and how it wouldn’t happen to skiers, that the sledders are isolated from the sounds of the snow

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Death on snowmobile: part 2

I’d like to talk about one or two things I’ve noticed that can help shed light on why 200 people would go out into such obviously dangerous conditions, and expose themselves to what would seem to be obvious risk. These

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Death on snowmobile

Today over 200 people were on scene at an “unorganized event” known as the “Big Iron Shootout” near Revelstoke, there was an avalanche and several people were killed, many were injured and there are possibly some missing. In the past

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