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Letter to CBC’s The Current

I’ve been a Search and Rescue volunteer with Coquitlam SAR near Vancouver, BC for the past fourteen years, and I listened with much interest to your broadcast on Monday December 9, 2013 on Dementia. I am currently a SAR Manager

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On the Elliot Lake Mall collapse

Most people in Canada have probably read or heard about the mall roof collapse in Elliot Lake, a small town in Ontario. Any SAR member was probably paying attention when Bill Needles, spokesman for Toronto’s Heavy Urban SAR Team (CAN-TF3) said

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Social Media in SAR Management: Getting The Word Out

I’ve been reading about “SMEM,” or Social Media in Emergency Management. It’s quite a buzz word, and there’s a LOT of talk on the internet about it. Our SAR team has had a few instances where it’s been useful, and

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SAR and natural disasters

In light of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, some might be wondering what the role of a local SAR team would be in such a disaster. Basically the answer is that we’re not that kind of SAR team.

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