SAR Members climbing Mount Logan

Two members of my SAR Team are climbing Mount Logan via the King’s Trench route this year. They are part of a team of four. I’m mentioning this on my blog because I’m one of their SPOT contacts, so any updates on their position will come to me and I will update the blog when I get them.

When tackling a mountain such as Logan, no mountaineer enjoys any special advantage over another, and the same goes for SAR members. Logan is notable in local SAR circles for being the site of a rescue of three members of North Shore Rescue a few years ago. I know several members of that expedition which included a SAR member from another team, and other well known local climbers. Hearing a first person account of the event and subsequent rescue was harrowing to say the least.

Our team, which includes one male and one female member of our SAR team, a friend from the UK and another from Redmond Washington, will depart on May 21st, attempt the summit anywhere from June 2nd to June 8th, and will leave the mountain on June 10th. They are well equipped with a Sat Phone, SPOT messenger, and VHF radios as communications gear.

Here’s hoping the team reaches the summit and comes back safely.

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