GPS Accuracy Survey

I put together a survey about how people understand GPS accuracy. I am going to use the results when I present at SARScene next month in Toronto. It would really help me out if you spent the 40-50 seconds to answer the 4 questions in the survey.

Here is the survey. It’s just four questions.

I’ll publish the results here next month. Feel free to comment or ask questions below.

Note: On Oct 31st 2012 I took the results of the survey and compiled them into the following post. If you still want to take the survey, please do, but please don’t “cheat” by reading the results first. I probably won’t be updating the article with the results of the survey because people probably read the later articles on this blog first.


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  1. Any chance you could post a video recording or audio recording with presentation files of this? I’ve found many older and recent SARscene powerpoint file but none with accompanying notes or audio from the actual speaker.

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