Month: December 2011

On the end of the year and old and new things

Another year end approaches, and the disease of looking back over what you’ve done tempts me. But first a picture from today’s events, where the old and the new went out in the snow for a day together. This year:

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A Call for Participation

I’ve been getting feedback. Yes, from time to time someone will approach me and let me know that they like some of the posts I wrote. This feels good; sometimes I think nobody’s reading. However, blog writing is mostly a

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The Christmas break

When I was in University we would always take advantage of the Christmas break to get out there and do some backcountry skiing. We were poor; we had unreliable vehicles, lots of us either had used equipment, or we rented.

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The use of Smartphones in SAR

As much as I’ve written about how you shouldn’t use a smart phone for backcountry navigation, and about the general problem of running down the battery and exposing it to cold and wet conditions, under certain circumstances they are an

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A Social Media Policy for SAR

If you are rescued by a Search and Rescue team tomorrow, what kind of behaviour would you expect from the team? I know that most people would probably just be grateful to be warm and dry, but the question comes up

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Social Media in SAR Management: Getting The Word Out

I’ve been reading about “SMEM,” or Social Media in Emergency Management. It’s quite a buzz word, and there’s a LOT of talk on the internet about it. Our SAR team has had a few instances where it’s been useful, and

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