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How to NOT kill Yourself Snowshoeing

Some advice on what to do when everything goes to hell.

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The (textual) shape of SAR in BC

A word cloud generated from the BC Search and Rescue Incident Summaries shows us how we describe search and rescue in BC

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The Shape of SAR in BC

How does search and rescue work in British Colubmai

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The InfoSAR project

The InfoSAR project: to gather statistics and analyse search and rescue data for British Columbia

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How to Kill Yourself Snowshoeing

A review of snowshoe accidents in BC reveals that snowshoers are more likely to die in a slip and fall than in an avalanche.

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SAR Day 72: AGM and hours not tracked.

We had our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday the 28th of September. As a Society under the province of British Columbia, we abide by the Society’s Act, and have to have an AGM once a year to elect our executive

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