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Snowflakes that look like small, alien devices

Twisted Sifter presents a gallery of snowflakes taken under high magnification and some with an electron microscope. Looking at them, you can imagine them being machined in a factory rather than occurring naturally in the trillions each winter. Included are

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Harvey’s cloud

The other day I was watching some of the great YouTube videos on the Environment Canada channel when I came across this one, on a “microscale weather phenomenon” near Whistler (this one was produced for the 2010 Olympics). I had

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The Missing Poster

You’ve all probably seen missing posters: some are on the side of milk cartons, some posted on telephone poles, community centres, etc. Most are for missing pets. I hope that most of you have never had to make one, or

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That’s just how I slide

Looks like the 80’s, but it’s the 90’s; telemark skiing. Don’t emulate this photo for your own tele technique; I’m completely self taught and have a style that could be called unique if you’re feeling generous. For the geeks among

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How to get up in deep powder

I’m a Telemark skier. I started in university because the gear was cheap, and I was poor. Also, being poor, I did not have enough money for a ski pass, so I learned to ski in the backcountry. For me it

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Cloudburst: not yet

Hoping that a recent road report on Bivouac.com was corrrect (that you could drive to the Roe Creek turoff), Myself, Tom and the two dogs tried to get up Cloudburst via Chance Creek on Friday. This is my second attempt

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