Foot Identified

The foot in a hiking boot that was found in Sasamat Lake has been identified, as I suspected, as belonging to a person that my SAR team searched for just about 25 years ago.

Several months back I posted the following article, and then removed it because it appeared from the article that I was revealing information only known to the police. Even though all of the information in the article was part of the public record, I thought that the appearance of revealing insider information was enough to make it a sensitive topic, and reserved the publication until the foot could be properly identified.

Coquitlam SAR provided the search report and our copy of the newspaper to the police as a part of the investigation. Note that the two SAR members on the cover are pulling the subject’s boat and not a search boat.

Regarding the foot I talked about in a previous post, at SAR training last night it turned out that several team members recalled a search in Sasamat Lake for a missing fisherman… in 1987. We looked into our archives, and came up with the following:

Also in the archives was the following search report; it does not contain the name of the subject.

It’s hard to believe that this was 24 years ago, but according to information I’ve heard through the grapevine the boot was a design that was popular in that time period. The Coroner’s service and RCMP are aware of this search. While team members believe it is likely that this boot belonged to the subject of this search, it’s by no means certain and at this point it is only speculation.

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